Sponsorship Opportunities



在威彻斯特走读学校, we ignite a passion for Torah and secular learning, inside the classroom and around our campus. 我们邀请您 Sponsor a 学习日 以180美元的价格, to help ensure that our incredible 教师 are able to provide the most meaningful, 创新, and engaging learning that supports each student in reaching his or her full academic and spiritual potential.

Sponsoring a 学习日 is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a loved one (a yahrzeit); celebrate a family milestone; add merit for a refuah shelema (full recovery) for a family or community member; or acknowledge any other special occasion. 

An email announcing the 学习日 is sent to the WDS community to help commemorate the occasion.  The sponsorship is also announced in 中学 davening.

Your gift may be sponsored in perpetuity (Benefactor of the Day, $1,800), and you will not need to worry about updating your dedication each year. We will recognize your dedication on the school day closest to the date you indicate below. 如果这是a yartzeit, please provide us with the Hebrew date.
For questions about sponsorship or to review details, please contact Rachel Fischer, 发展协调员: rfischer@xadt56.com 或拨打914-698-8900分机. 134
Thank you for your generous support! 




威彻斯特走读学校 is a Modern Orthodox, 男女合校, dual-curriculum, toddler to 8th grade Jewish school that inspires and educates our students in their own way to value menschlichkeit, 一下, 终身学习.